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Welcome to the official website of the company "Steel Concern".

The company "Steele concern" was founded in 2013, inheriting the production and technical base of "Shinarar 10". Since the creation of "Shinarar 10 'engaged with building work, builds and reconstructs the industrial, administrative sotsialtsnye, residential, cultural facilities of international standards and modern organizations, while having different production bases, in particular roofing, cardboard-gypsum production line profiles.

 Today "Steele Concern" offers the consumer tin roof with galvanized and coated, domestic production of metal, with a wide choice of colors, their components: gutter, water pipes, skate and other accessories, profiles of metal drywall profiles destined for plastic windows and doors corners, building meaningful networks and a number of other products.

 The company is engaged in import and sale of construction materials. Import carried out in different countries, particularly in Europe and Asia. Huge warehouses, industrial areas and advanced logistics systems to dispose of the company, to help you better organize the work.

The most important and basic condition of the company is - the quality of produced and imported products that meet the Armenian and European standards and are certified by several international certificates.


 The main objectives of the company are:

A set of high-quality and competitive products on the market
P.S. The company imports its raw materials from Russia, Iran, Ukraine, South Korea, Kazakhstan, the leading manufacturers of India, which is exclusive to the region. As one of the leading importing, we are working to provide high quality products and service to customers.

Improving the quality of services provided and their commitment to global standards.
Consultation with the central services of installation, maintenance of professional project.


Company values:

As one of the leading companies in its field in RA, we are constantly expanding our production capacity and expanding the list of our services - adding jobs nationwide performing socially meaningful activities in RA.

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